Phiro Code

Phiro Code enables you to create, play, share and remix programs in a visual, drag and drop programming environment. You can develop your own app to control a Phiro robot! Games, animations and other Apps now become easy to make directly on your smartphone or tablet.
Phiro Code allows you to program and control your Phiro robot wirelessly via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet.

Use the smart phone’s sensors to create cool effects with Phiro! With the combination of your Phiro robot and this app you can make your own line follower robot, obstacle avoider, create your own remote control car and so much more. Phiro Code also helps you to program and control your Phiro robot together with a wireless Arduino board at the same time, so that you can enrich your Phiro robot with additional sensors or actuators.

To use Phiro Code, you need a Phiro Pro robot. To learn more about Phiro, please visit Phiro’s website! — note that Phiro Code is 100% compatible with our other coding apps such as Pocket Code.


Phiro Code  is available for free – Download it now!