Our Apps

Based on our mission, Catrobat provides free tools that enable teenagers to take the leap from being a passive user to becoming a creative developer. With apps such as Pocket Code, users get the chance to use their mobile devices in a meaningful and, most importantly, fun way.

The Catrobat language, a visual “Lego-Style” programming framework which is used in most of our projects, permits everyone to design their very own apps. With the right tools, creating apps, games and animations can be as simple as that! With no other requirement than a mobile device, Catrobat makes this possible for everybody, at any time and everywhere.

Pocket Code

Pocket Code uses Catrobat’s mobile visual programming framework for smartphones and tablets. It allows users to develop games and animations directly on their device, by simply sticking bricks together

Pocket Paint

Pocket Paint is an easy to use and powerful paint editor app, which perfectly works together with Pocket Code and all the other Catrobat tools for pixel perfect graphics.

Luna and Cat

Luna and Cat has lots of cute and scary characters as well as beautiful backgrounds already built-in and makes game and animation development as easy as Pocket Code. 

Embroidery Designer

Branding clothing and accessories with a programmatic approach has never been easier. Based on Catrobat’s visual programming language, Embroidery Designer lets teenagers customize their outfits and learn coding.

Create @ School

The objective of the Create@School app is to utilize characteristics of game design, game and project based learning, and collaboration through working on projects in selected curricula areas.


Phiro Code & Phiro Play allow you to program and control your Phiro robot wirelessly via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet. Based on Catrobat’s visual programming language you code by simply  connecting bricks.