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The nonprofit project Catrobat aspires to develop solutions which inspire teenagers and adults to learn coding, get creative and be prepared for the digital world of our future. Simple logical processes, creative solutions and easily understandable connections are essential in the world of tomorrow.

We believe that free, age-based and motivating software which can be used by teenagers or in education, is essential in order to prepare the next generations. Catrobat is doing this by bypassing traditional school pedagogy, instead using a constructionist approach focusing on game app development and fun. We believe in poverty alleviation through coding education for teens – girls in particular, refugees, and teens in developing countries, directly on their personal smartphones. This is especially important in less privileged regions, where teenagers have their own smartphones but do not have access to PCs, laptops, or tablets.

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The nonprofit Catrobat project aims at developing solutions which inspire teenagers and adults to learn coding. 

Wanna join?

Catrobat is a free and open source project, and we are very happy to welcome new contributors. Feel free to visit us on GitHub!


With Catrobat’s apps you can create your own apps, in particular games. Visit us at Google Play or Apple’s App Store  to find out more and download our apps for free!


Based on our constructionist approach it’s sometimes better to push the smartphone usage in the classroom and let the pupils get creative with Catrobat apps.

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The Catrobat project is proud and happy to collaborate with some of the best known universities in the world.

Together we are trying to shape future generations and prepare them for the digital tomorrow.

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