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Driven by more than 1,100+ contributors, with a presence in 180+ countries in 60+ languages and millions of users, Catrobat is all about leaving a positive impact on our society.

Our Vision

Our society and economy is changing. More and more jobs are linked to ICT, and thus the need of skilled workforce is growing tremendously. On the other side a society of digital natives, which already grows up in an interconnected world of mobile devices and open knowledge, is taking over. Nevertheless, still too few teenagers are becoming creators of their own digital life, instead of just remaining simple consumers. 

The rise of technology has shown that we have to go new ways, make our lives more digital and encourage teenagers to get involved in this new, digital world. Better education in ICT will foster the youth to get skills in these fields, enabling them to let their dreams become true and live a better

Our Mission

The nonprofit Catrobat project aims at developing solutions which inspire teenagers and adults to learn coding, get creative and be prepared for the digital future of our world. Simple logical processes, creative solutions and easily understandable connections are essential in the world of tomorrow. 
Our vision is to provide young people with the chance to include these principles in their everyday digital-life. We believe that free, age-based and motivating software, which can be used directly by teenagers or in education, is essential in order to prepare the next generation for their future.

Our Approach

Free tools enable teenagers to take the leap from being a passive user to become a creative developer. With apps like Pocket Code, users get the chance to use their mobile devices in a meaningful and, most importantly, fun way without the need of being a professional developer. 

The visual “Lego-Style” programming framework, which is used in our projects, enables everyone to design their very own apps, without any limitations such as there are in a common programming language. With the right tools, creating apps, games and animations can be as engaging as playing games and as simple as cooking! It can be learned by anyone, at any time, and everywhere.

Team of Catrobat Graz


The Catrobat project has its origins at Graz University of Technology, Austria, which provides an interdisciplinary and research based environment to provide our services to the users. Driven by already more than 1,000 contributors, Catrobat is a non-profit Free Open Source Software project. This helps us bringing together supporters from all over the world, which are contributing different views and ideas. 

All development and actions done focus on the mission, bringing the youth in the center of the project. Working together with users, educators and partners from different fields helps us to identify their needs and to provide them with the right tools. In addition to this, all services are provided for free, making them suitable for teenagers, young adults, and schools everywhere on the globe to provide training in computational thinking in a cost-effective and feasible way.

We can give everyone with what they already have in their hands the skills to realize their own ideas and express themselves with digital technology, creatively in a fun and fascinating way.

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