Coding for Kids: Mobile Classroom – Samsung Austria

The mobile Classroom by Samsung is an initiative to bring coding to Austrian schools. Trainers are touring through Austria to teach coding with Pocket Code. Samsung is running this successful initiative since 2016 and already taught several hundred teenagers coding and the principles behind it.
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Galaxy Game Jam

Grab your smartphone and explore distant galaxies! Together with our partner Samsung Austria we made 2016 a journey into space. Several hundred users submitted their galactic Pocket Code games to our online Game Jam. Special tutorials, media assets and resources supported the participants and helped them to learn coding on their phone.
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Netidee Call 11 – Austrian Internet Foundation

Providing services in their native language is especially important for teenagers and kids. Thus the Catrobat project tries to provide its apps in as many languages as possible.
A funding of the Austrian Netidee helps to develop a version of Pocket Code that also supports different Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic or Persian. Especially teenagers that speak these languages as mother tongue can benefit from this development and can easily learn computational thinking skills via Pocket Code.

Alice Game Jam

During the European Code Week and Computer Science Education Week in 2015 we celebrated 150 years Alice in Wonderland. Together with our friends from Scratch, the British Library and many more, we promoted the Alice Game Jam – an online event in which teenagers explored Alice’s wonderland. Several coding activities and online initiatives used this event to teach coding in a fun and innovative way.
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