Girls Coding Week 2021

Girls Coding Week 2021

Summer is here and why not also learn something new or improve your IT skills? Try our Girls Coding Week!

Girls Coding Week takes place as part of “Science Holidays,” an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

In this one-week course, participants will learn how to create their own app using our “Luna & Cat” (Pocket Code*), why learning how to code is important in the process, and that, combined with a creative design approach, it can be very exciting and easy.

Not only do the participating girls have the opportunity to program their own, they also get to choose which area of coding they want to learn something new in. In addition to app and game design, they can also get a closer look at a part of robotics by programming their own embroidery patterns. Overall, the participants get a diverse insight into different areas of programming.

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Gender STI

We are proud to be part of a new world wide project where we can give some insights from our acitivities to other scientists, but also learn a lot from a large expert group. Gender STI is an international Research project that aims to analyze the participation of women in

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From OLPC to Code’n’Stitch

Can some of you remember the “One Laptop per Child” initiative? Back in 2005 the entusiasm and optimisn in technology was greater than ever. Nicholas Negroponte co-founder of the MIT Media Lab announced the initiative and it build up a big hype. The goal was to provide technology across the

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catrobat 1.0

Catrobat 1.0

This was not an easy task, as we started Catrobat over 11 years ago we had not just to evolve ourselves as an organization constantly, based on a huge number of volunteers, but also the smartphone itself was in ongoing evolution. Their underlying operating systems and the surrounding software and

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