Catrobat 1.0

Catrobat 1.0

This was not an easy task, as we started Catrobat over 11 years ago we had not just to evolve ourselves as an organization constantly, based on a huge number of volunteers, but also the smartphone itself was in ongoing evolution. Their underlying operating systems and the surrounding software and hardware possibilities changed over time and had an impact as well.

But it’s here: 

Catrobat 1.0 has been released

If you want to learn more or give us feedback for the released features, click on the button to check out the feedback form.

Here is an excerpt of a couple of new additions:

  • “Your bricks” (you can define what they do)
  • Faster loops (*much* faster if screen is not changed by bricks in the loops)
  • “Open URL __ in browser” brick
  • “Edit look”, “Paint new look”
  • “Play note __ for __ beats” brick
  • “Play drum __ for __ beats” brick
  • “timer” reporter function and “Reset timer” brick
  • Main app page now integrated with community
  • “number of current touches” and “index of current touch()” reporter functions (this simplifies multitouch tremendously)
  • Pipette in color picker: allows to select color from stage, very useful for “color touches color” and “color touches” reporter functions
  • “if then else( __ , __ , __ )” reporter function.
  • Export looks, lossless in png, or alternatively in much smaller jpg file format (with chosalbe quality)
  • Hide/unhide layer in paint
  • Sharing of images to other apps
  • “Sew up” embroidery extension brick
  • Ability to undo certain deletions, etc
  • More OCR sensors
  • No image downscaling in paint

In the form you can also vote for future development tasks. Maybe there is something you are still waiting for!

The new major version 1.0 has already been published as part of the newest PocketCode and PocketPaint Apps, as usual provided for free on your mobiles app store!

Happy Coding

catrobat 1.0

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