Pocket Code won Best App Award in Europe in the HMS App Innovation Contest by Huawei

Pocket Code won Best App Award in Europe in the HMS App Innovation Contest by Huawei

Over 3,000 teams from over 170 countries and regions competed with approximately 1,000 integrated applications with HMS Core open capabilities. Catrobat’s Pocket Code was one of the participating Applications and we are really happy  that we made it to the top and are one of 5 in the Best App category for Europe! 

Catrobat’s founder Wolfgang Slany summed up everything we stand for in his statement after being notified that Pocket Code won:

We believe in poverty alleviation through coding education for teens – in particular, girls, refugees, and teenagers in developing countries, with a fun app which can be used directly on their personal smartphone device. Pocket Code has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2014 and looking ahead, we plan to add even more HMS Core services to the app, to enable users to embrace its full capabilities
Wolfgang Slany

These are the top 20 apps, and the HMS kits in use that make them possible.

  • 100 Doors Games 2020: Escape from School – Integrated: Ads, Account, Game, In-App-Purchases
  • Blackout Age – Map Based Postapo Survival Craft – Integrated: Analytics
  • Complete Rhythm Trainer – Integrated: Account, Game, In-App-Purchases
  • Cooking Mania – Integrated: In-App-Purchases, Account, Game, Ads
  • Earthquake Network – Integrated: In-App-Purchase, Ads, Account, Location
  • Genius Brain – Too tricky for you? – Integrated: Analytics, In-App-Purchases, Push Ads
  • Kustom Widget Maker – Integrated: Location, Ads, In-App-Purchases
  • Learn 34 Languages – FunEasyLearn – Integrated: Analytics, Game, In-App-Purchases
  • Marble AR – Integrated: AR engine, Account, Game Service, In-App-Purchases, Ads
  • Peaklens – Integrated: Location, Analytics
  • Plantsnap – Integrated: Map, In-App-Purchase, Account, Push, Location
  • Pocket Code – Integrated: Analytics
  • <span”>Runbit – Integrated: Account, Location, Scan, In-App-Purchases</span”>
  • Scoolio – Integrated: Analytics, Scan, Push, Location, Dynamic Tag Manager
  • Spingram – Integrated: Account, In-App-Purchases
  • Streamer Sim Tycoon – simulation mobile game – Integrated: Account, Game, In-App-Purchases
  • Sun Locator Lite – Integrated: In-App-Purchases Location, Maps, Dynamic Tag
  • TapVenture – Integrated: Account, Game, Ads, In-App-Purchases, Push
  • Toy Box Party Game – Integrated: Account, Game, In-App-Purchases
  • Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence – Integrated: Machine Learning, Location, In-App-Purchases
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