Pocket Code is a top 20 finalist of the HMS App Innovation Contest by Huawei

Pocket Code is a top 20 finalist of the HMS App Innovation Contest by Huawei

We’re very pleased that Pocket Code has been selected into the Top 20 finalists of the Huawei Apps UP contest!

As part of the contest program Pocket Code will get more awareness in the Huawei App Gallery and everybody can support us in a public voting!

Every vote can win a 25$ Amazon Gift Card. Good luck! Simply click on the voting banner below and select Poket Code. 

Support us!

You can vote up to 3 times per day.

About Apps Up

The Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest aims to inspire global developers to leverage HMS open capabilities to create innovative apps, bringing smart life services to Huawei device users in 170+ countries and regions.

The contest will be held in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and China, respectively.

Huawei has set aside US$1 million from the Shining Star Program as prize money for the contest. You can read more about it following the link below.


Apps UP | HMS App Innovation Contest

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