Hedy Lamarr award nomination for team member Vesna Krnjic

Hedy Lamarr award nomination for team member Vesna Krnjic

We are happy to announce that Catrobat team member Vesna Krnjic and her work for the project, especially her research based on Code’n’Stitch was valued by a nomination for the 2020 Hedy Lamarr Award.

On October 1st the Hedy Lamarr Award will be granted the third time at the Erste Campus in Vienna, during the Digital Days 2020.


Other nominees are:

  • Andrea Salfinger , JKU Linz (Forschungsfokus: Situationsmanagement künstlicher Intelligenz)
  • Vesna Krnjic, TU Graz (Forschungsfokus: Interaktion zw. Computer u. Jugendlichen)
  • Johanna Pirker, TU Graz (Forschungsfokus: Spieltheoretische interaktive Lernsysteme)
  • Johanna Ullrich, SBA Research Wien (Forschungsfokus: Sicherheitslücken Internet Protocol)
  • Sabrina Kirrane, WU Wien (Forschungsfokus: Richtlinien für das Next Generation Internet)
  • Jiehua Chen, TU Wien (Forschungsfokus: Computer gesteuerte Entscheidungsprozesse)
  • Laura Nenzi, TU Wien (Forschungsfokus: Neue Methoden statistischer Lernverfahren)
  • Katta Spiel, TU Wien (Forschungsfokus: Normative Grenzen von/ für Technologiedesign)

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